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Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird
We're just getting started

I Give A Tree was founded by Cape May County residents, Deanna Ebner and Kristine Carlson in 2022.

Our organization is made up of passionate local volunteers.

Our goal is to purchase, distribute, and plant 50 trees each year.

Trees beautify our neighborhoods, provide invaluable shade, sustain local wildlife, and offset carbon emissions.

We need you

To reach our goal for 50 trees every year, we need a tree budget of $5,000 annually.
Our $10,000 gets us started this year, and gets us ready for next year.

In addition to the tree budget, our small non-profit does have overhead costs. This website, for example, will cost approximately $300 to maintain each year. There are fees to process online donations. There is a cost to produce our I Give A Tree t-shirts.

By helping us offset these costs, more of the donations we receive will go directly into our tree fund. Please consider becoming a partner and sponsoring us in whichever way you can. Just fill in our contact form to get started.

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